BufferApp Down, I repeat, BufferApp is Down

BufferApp LogoWho schedules a maintenance during the middle of the day?

My normal routine consists of me waking up, checking twitter for relevant and shareable content, scanning through Flipboard, and reading through my RSS feeds. In order to avoid bombarding my followers with endless tweets, I use a tool like Buffer to spread them out throughout the day.

On March 13th, something terrible happened. BufferApp was down (and still is down, as I write this post). Myself, and many others on Twitter did not know what to do with themselves without Buffer’s services.



Do you rule? | Collaboration made easy!

Whether you’re a manger of a coffee shop, team lead for an assignment, or even a project manager at your company, productivity has now been made easier with! is a collaboration platform on the web that offers small businesses, corporations, or any organization plenty of features to manage projects and increase productivity. Some of the features available on rule include customer relationship management (CRM), user and workgroup management, document and project management, as well as productivity stream.


Addicted to Social Media? HootSuite is for you.

HootSuite is an all-in-one social media dashboard that offers everything from scheduled tweeting, analytics, and project management.

It can serve the average social media consumer, or an employee of any business as a full fledged marketing tool.

There are so many other social media clients out there. Why is HootSuite the way to go?