1. I think popularity breeds influence. Someone who is popular (Bieber, Gaga) will inherently have more influence than others because of their notoriety. I do agree though, that the number of followers is NOT indicative of influence. I have 200+ followers but consistently engage with about 30 or 40 of them.

    Also, keep in mind your Klout score only dipped by about 1 point – the graph seems to skew it to look more negative than it is. I wonder if Klout has any documentation on their score calculation process?

    1. Thanks for the reply cuz.

      I couldn’t agree more that the graph does make it seem a little skewed, but if you think about it, throughout those 30 days, I was doing a lot to try and bring it up! Haha. (Being addicted to my Klout score and all)

      And sadly, it’s still going down… (I’m beginning to doubt credibility of their algorithm)

      But Brian Solis’ report points out a really great point on how it is a good indicator whether or not a person is present on social media and of their relevance in the space.

  2. I see you’re a young professional on the RISE. I see you moving into business development. Some role where bringing people in is crucial. Throughout some studies of mascom, pr, mr, and leadership experiences I have come to believe that SEO, ROI, KPI, etcetera are inadequate measures and are just markers-leads. I think what matters is realizing need and matching this need …

    1. Thanks for the input Josh!

      I’m definitely doing some soul searching as to what I want to do with social and I’ve boiled it down to two possibilities: social business strategy, or community management.

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