BufferApp Down, I repeat, BufferApp is Down

BufferApp LogoWho schedules a maintenance during the middle of the day?

My normal routine consists of me waking up, checking twitter for relevant and shareable content, scanning through Flipboard, and reading through my RSS feeds. In order to avoid bombarding my followers with endless tweets, I use a tool like Buffer to spread them out throughout the day.

On March 13th, something terrible happened. BufferApp was down (and still is down, as I write this post). Myself, and many others on Twitter did not know what to do with themselves without Buffer’s services.

Now, this blog post isn’t to add fuel to the fire of many of the app’s users, but to prove how it is a great service and how dependent we are of it.

First and foremost, I want to shout-out Leo Widrich (@LeoWid) for doing a great job on responding to the community during their outage. I was following their timeline, and @bufferapp was inundated  with hundreds of tweets from the early morning, until the late afternoon.

Leo did a great job on trying to connect with each user and give a personalized response. I did feel a little bit special when I received a timely response when I discovered Buffer was down.

Buffer's Response

After this, I knew that the people at Buffer were working hard to get the problem fixed, and that they take their community seriously.

This is something that I admired about the way they view communication.

Why I Love Buffer

As I was scanning the tweets and replies to and from Buffer, I noticed one user said that they’re going to miss Buffer while they’re down because it makes them appear active even when they’re not.

This is the exact reason why I love Buffer.

As a college student working full-time, it is hard to find time to be active and relevant in the space of social media.

Considering this is what I want to do after I graduate, I needed to find a way to build my personal brand by sharing content that is interesting and relevant to my followers.

Buffer has helped me gain many insights to help me design my tweets and optimize their visibility.

By observing the way I worded my headlines, and the amount of click-throughs I was receiving, I was better able to tailor my tweets to my audience.

They even send you a little email when your Buffer is out of tweets reminding you to re-fill it!

If you haven’t heard of Buffer, I suggest you check them out!

Tweet to them at @bufferapp and I guarantee you will get a timely, non-automated response.

Whatever the bug may have been to cause the temporary outage, you still haven’t lost a loyal fan of your service.

If it were up to me, Buffer would get an A+ in service, and an A+ in community.


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