Do you rule? | Collaboration made easy!

Whether you’re a manger of a coffee shop, team lead for an assignment, or even a project manager at your company, productivity has now been made easier with! is a collaboration platform on the web that offers small businesses, corporations, or any organization plenty of features to manage projects and increase productivity. Some of the features available on rule include customer relationship management (CRM), user and workgroup management, document and project management, as well as productivity stream.

Other features include private messaging, permissions, drop email, calendar, wikis, and the list goes on.

The best part about rule is the user interface (UI). Its clean interface allows for easy navigation through the platform’s features making it easy for rulers to collaborate.

My favorite feature within rule is the ability to create wikis. These wikis are spaces for information to be added/edited/reordered including lists, embedded videos, and notes to bring and share anywhere.

How does this help with productivity?

Within rule, you have the ability to assign tasks to users within your workgroup. These users will then get notified that they have received a task, and once they complete it, they can log on and check off that they have.

Important meetings, due dates, and team calendars can also either be shared with every user, or within certain workgroups on rule. Reordering things on the calendar are as simple as dragging and dropping.

How much does it all cost?

Pricing for starts at $49/mo for up to 10 users, 35 projects, and 15GB of storage, and ranges to $199/mo for up to 100 users, unlimited projects, and 300GB of storage.

Special arrangements can be made for organizations with more than 100 members by contacting for a quote.

Fusion Monarch, the maker of rule, is a technology vendor based out of Carlsbad, Calif. with the mission of harnessing technologies for the purpose of creating aesthetic, modular, and scalable frameworks, from which to build, manage. and promote valuable assets.


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