Using Social Technologies in Business – A Social Media Standpoint

Chapter 2 of Michael Britobook Smart Business, Social Business overlooks several options of social software that are beneficial to businesses.

He explains in detail the pros and cons of several outlets including collaboration tools such as Jive, SharePoint, and

He also explains differences between the different social listening platforms available including: Radian6, Lithium, and Meltwater Buzz.

Aside from that, he also showcases the options for social relationship management applications, and expresses the importance of real-time analytics and publishing efficiencies.

“Listening without taking any action is worse than not listening at all.”

It is important for businesses to use these devices to listen in on the conversations that are taking place on the internet. Using software like Radian6 will allow organizations to see conversations revolving around their particular brand and will automatically know the sentiment of these conversations allowing them to respond to them, whether good or bad.

Knowing this valuable information in combination of using a social relationship management application such as Sprinklr, or Awareness allow marketers to connect with the social customer by tailoring their message through the right channel at the right time.

“A social business is one that invests in technology that will allow it to collaborate, interact, share, and engage both internally and externally with customers”

In summarizing this chapter, the takeaway is that a true social business must use these available social technologies to connect with their most valuable assets: the social customer.

Make social listening a priority for your social business!


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